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Allan Lee, AUT

Allan Lee has been teaching on AUT’s journalism programmes for 20 years. His teaching areas at undergraduate and postgraduate levels have included news reporting, specialist writing, news editing and design, production journalism, business journalism and new media journalism. He is currently teaching on three papers within the Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies (Journalism) programme: Creative Practice, News Editing and Design Workshop and News Production. He also teaches on the Editing and Design paper within the School’s BCS programme.


Allan spent 10 years working in journalism before joining AUT. He trained at Morgan Grampian Magazines in London, worked on several business magazines in the UK and is a former business reporter on The Dominion.


Allan has co-written two books on production journalism, the most recent being Newspaper Editing and Design (2009), published by Pearson Education. He edited Business Reporting: A New Zealand Guide to Financial Journalism (1997), published by the NZ Journalists Training Organisation. He was also on the editing team behind the latest edition of Intro (2014), again published by the NZJTO.


His recent research has included studies of editing practice in New Zealand and Australian newsrooms. He has also researched investment decision making within the Kiwisaver pension scheme.


Allan has been the editor of Journalism Association of New Zealand website for 10 years.


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