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Charles Husband, HU

Husband pictureProfessor Charles Husband- I am an interdisciplinary social scientist with a long commitment to research on ethnic relations and inter-group behaviour. My consistent concern has been to relate social scientific theory and research to the development of practical interventions aimed at countering racisms and discrimination: and improving equity and civility in multi-ethnic diverse societies. This has included working with professional bodies in, for example, nursing, social work and journalism: and working with national and international NGOs , ( such as UNESCO), and with national and state government departments.

A consistent area of concern within this programme of work has been to reveal the role of the media in challenging, and reinforcing, racisms and ideologies of discrimination. [Racism and the Mass  Media , Hartmann and Husband: A Richer Vision: The Development of Ethnic Minority Media in Western Democracies, ed Husband: Representing Race, Downing and Husband.] My research activity has resulted me in having practical involvement with the National Union of Journalists in Britain, and the International Federation of Journalism in relation to developing codes of practice; and in the last four years in active involvement with colleagues in the Sami University College in Kautokeino, Norway, in developing an innovatory international masters programme in Indigenous Journalism that will have its first intake in 2014. I have for a number of years taught a course on Ethnicity and the Challenge of Diversity as a core element in the Foreign Reporting course at the University of Helsinki; where I also teach a module on Managing Diversity where I provide a critical examination of the claims of social science to inform policies on improving inter-ethnic relations.

I am Professor of Social Analysis (Emeritus) at the University of Bradford, Docent in Sociology and International Reader in the Swedish School of Social Sciences at the University of Helsinki, and I have a visiting Professorship at the Sami University College.

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