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Henrik W Jorgensen, DMJX

UntitledHenrik W Jørgensen is the Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Media at DSMJ and in that role is in charge of the school’s international activities. He has 25 years of management, consulting, teaching, editorial and journalistic experience gained in Denmark and abroad. He has experience from both private and public business mainly in the broadcast and public relation industry and in the field of education. Henrik W Jørgensen has a master degree in Editorial Leadership and Business Management and specializes in entrepreneurial journalism and broadcasting.  He has developed the DMJX courses in entrepreneurship.

He is the former Chairman of the Nordic Cooperation between journalism programmes and Schools/Universities in Scandinavia and is currently a member of the Board. He is the Danish School of Media and Journalism representative in the EJTA-European Journalism Training Association. He is a board member of Media House Aarhus, a public radio and TV station funded by the Municipality of Aarhus and The Ministry of Culture. He is DSMJ`s representative at TV2 East Jutland, a Public Service Broadcaster funded by the state. He is academic coordinator of the IJI.

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