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Inger Munk, DMJX

UntitledInger Munk heads the International Department of the Danish School of Media and Journalism, and has experience of many years working with projects and organisations within European education. She has been the European coordinator for projects supported by the EU-US, the EU-Canada and the EU-Australia programmes. The most recent of these is the Global Environmental Journalism Initiative, which is a consortium of four European and four Australian partners. She is coordinator for the Erasmus Mundus Masters Journalism, Media and Globalisation, and is used as a resource person for working groups and for presentation of projects within higher education in Europe. She is Erasmus coordinator for DSMJ, and coordinates the international programmes offered at the School of Journalism: The semester programmes in photojournalism, TV journalism and Journalism, Multimedia and Stereotypes and the one year programme Europe in the World which is offered in a cooperation with the journalism school in Utrecht, NL. She has been general secretary for organisations such as the European Journalism Training Association and the Nordic Journalism Training Association. She is European coordinator of the IJI.

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