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Kim Zilliacus, HU

kim_zilliacus_95pxKim Zilliacus is Senior Lecturer in political science at the Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. He has been active in several international research and teaching projects involving environmental politics/policy, political participation, and communication. Over the past ten years he has e.g. developed a net-based course ‘Politics Online’, which provides critical knowledge about the implications of new media and the Internet within subfields of political science, communication, journalism, and policy studies. In early 2013 he taught the course simultaneously at Monash University, University of Technology Sydney, and University of Helsinki by means of combining online learning platforms with face-to-face teaching at each university. KZ’s interest in Nordic/Australasian politics ties in with his research in collaborative governance within a comparative New Zealand and Nordic context, which he has pursued with New Zealand colleagues since 2003. Against this background he was also involved in the EU-Australia programme ‘Global Environmental Journalism Initiative’ (GEJI) as lecturer/researcher of Nordic/Australasian politics and course coordinator/collaborator on relevant themes. This role was partly tied to his coordination of courses within the module ‘Political Communication’, which combines expertise in media, communication and political science at the Swedish School of Social Science. He will in a similar role within the IJI-project more specifically include the global crossing of cultural boundaries online into his course themes, and continue the development of online learning platforms and collaborative curricula. The collaborative teaching will also include pedagogical seminars with the teachers at the partner universities on online interactive learning, social media as pedagogical tools, and the internationalization of teaching resources.

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