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Aarhus semester ends, but documentaries live on

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The New Zealand IJI students joined a class of 20 students at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus. There were 10 other countries also represented in the class, including Canada, Greece, South Korea and the Netherlands.

The course included a workshop on mobile phone journalism, guided tours of parliament and local news media, and meetings with journalists at Amnesty International and International Media Support during a four-day trip to Copenhagen. Lectures on European history and politics also provided useful context for students from outside the EU.

Students worked in groups of three during the semester. Groups had to pitch a story idea for each assignment, and then work as a team to produce a television piece. It was a steep learning curve for some, but all agreed it had taught them to cooperate with others and gain valuable experience in “real-life reporting”. The final project was a 12-15 minute documentary on a subject of the students’ choice:

Craig Hoyle’s group travelled to Greece to cover the municipal elections there and document the rise of extremist political movements such as Golden Dawn. They followed a young anarchist for a week as he struggled to decide whether to vote.

Struan Purdie’s group spent ten days in Greenland looking at the seal hunting industry, and the effect that EU bans have had on the local Greenlandic population. Their documentary was partly funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers Nordplus Programme.

Michael Knewstubb was part of a team that looked at integration in Aarhus, and the problems and challenges faced by immigrants when adjusting to a new life in Denmark. He worked with two students from South Korea.

Elesha Edmonds, Alistar Kata and Monique Steele worked together on a story about human trafficking. They spent a week in Copenhagen with an organisation that offers support to those who have been forced into prostitution, and followed the stories of several women who came to Denmark from Africa.

A selection of the stories produced by IJI students can be found herehttp://dmjx.23video.com/channel/9981743/showcases-tv-journalism

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