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‘Blue wash’, elections and Fiji’s reborn democracy

AUCKLAND: Kia ora … kia orana … My name is Alistar Kata, a student journalist from New Zealand’s Auckland University of Technology.

With the support and on behalf of the Pacific Media Centre and AUT I had the opportunity to cover the 2014 Fijian General Election.

I worked on an internship with the University of the South Pacific’s journalism newspaper Wansolwara for 2 weeks covering the Fiji General Election 2014 – a return to democracy after the military coup in 2006.

Reporter: Alistar Kata, an Asia-Pacific Journalism student at AUT university.

Credits include: ABC, Fiji National University, Mads Anneberg, Mosmi Bhim, Republika, University of the South Pacific and

Right from the time we touched down in Fiji, there was this atmosphere of excitement mixed with the feeling that something big and fate-changing was going to happen.

On the way from the airport to our lodge, where we were staying, I saw seen at least 10 Fiji First advertisements and so as student journalists we were being thrown into this whole climate that had been built up leading up to the elections – The first democratic elections in 8 years.

Reporter: Alistar Kata, reporting for Pacific Scoop and the Pacific Media Centre Online.

Pacific Media Centre, AUT University, Aotearoa/New Zealand. http://www.pmc.aut.ac.nz

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