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resources for students coming to Aotearoa New Zealand

To help overseas journalism students at AUT or Canterbury universities begin to understand the country, its people and its media, here are some general and academic readings.


some basics

Wikipedia – there isn’t a better encyclopedia entry, although for more in depth information, Te Ara (a government-managed online encyclopedia) is excellent, for example, for its overview of digital media. It also has an entry on Scandinavians in NZ

CIA World Factbook – a good précis of key information

23 things I learned my first month in New Zealand – a blog post by an American backpacker that sums up quite a few of the important (if breakfast and coffee are important to you) things to know

If you’re a visual person, this interview with a leading intellectual and historian, Michael King, will give you a sense of some of the politics of culture and ethnic identity in the country. NZ on Screen has a huge archive of TV and film.

academic resources

Māori, Media and Politics – an overview of one of the most distinctive features of New Zealand media. We suggest you look also at the rest of the book that this chapter is from.

  • Abel, Sue (2015) Māori, Media and Politics. In Geoff Kemp, Babak Bahador, Kate McMillan & Chris Rudd (eds) Politics and the Media. Auckland: Auckland University Press

Understanding New Zealand Cultural Identities (Stout Research Centre) – an important reading to help you understand the politics of culture in New Zealand, which is far from clear for many New Zealanders and arises in political debate

Media Ownership Report – the annual report (from AUT) about media ownership and control trends

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