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A visit to Aarhus


The Danish School of Journalism is a jewel in the IJI crown.  I have had the opportunity to meet several staff, and have observed and taken part in classroom activities.  I have also had a tour of the facilities.  AUT students Sophie and Tessa joined me for an afternoon coffee between shooting and editing their final assignment.  They are in good form, and feeling a bit sad that they have to return home soon.


Sophie and Inger L discuss iPhone footage

Two of the Danish students coming to NZ in July joined me for a meeting, and I also took part in a Google hangout with three others who are currently on internships in Copenhagen.  These students have been hooked up with the AUT postgrad facebook page so they can get to know the students they will be working with in New Zealand.  It was valuable to have time with the two Ingers better (Inger Munk and Inger Larsen) and it seems there are some great opportunities to collaborate in the future.  Let’s hope we can develop these further when the Danes come to WJEC in New Zealand, where I hope they will be able to meet up with Canterbury University’s Tara Ross and Missouri School of Journalism’s Katherine Reed, among others.  I also learned about the Europe and the World project and Euroviews headed by Asbjorn Slot Jorgensen and his colleague Jasper, and attending the screening of students work on this project which has run for 26 years (the champagne was well deserved!).  Here is a link to their site which was designed by the students themselves:  http://www.euroviews.eu/

I enjoyed sharing thoughts on the continuing role of developing the education of journalism in digital times, especially video and multimedia, and talking with Annegrete Skovbjerg about social media implications therein.

Aarhus is a lovely part of the world.  The University guest house has been  a handy location to the 1a bus enabling a few trips into the city/Latin quarter and some of the sights including the architecturally inspiring Aros museum.  Today is my last day and as it is a public holiday, only food places are open.  Not that I am complaining, as the chocolate Danish pastries are divine!  Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to come up here.  It has been wonderful.


(L-R) two colleagues along with Asbjorn, Jasper, Inger M, Inger L and myself at the Euroviews screening.


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