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Niklas Scoops RNZ Award

niklasNiklas Brandt Pederson has won the Radio New Zealand International Award for Best Student in the Asia-Pacific Journalism Class.

Niklas was an IJI exchange student at AUT from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, and says it’s a great honour to be recognised with the award.

“I had a wonderful time at AUT in the spring and especially in the Asia-Pacific Journalism Class under the guidance of the inspirational Dr David Robie. I really enjoyed learning about journalism practices in cultures very different from the one I am used to in Denmark.

An internship at Wansolwara and Repúblika Magazine in Suva, Fiji, helped Niklas understand and immerse himself in these practices first-hand.

“This experience has given me invaluable tools and knowledge, which I now use in my job as a journalist back in Denmark.”

Niklas was unable to attend the ceremony at AUT, but sent his greetings from Europe.

“If there was anywhere in the world I would travel 18,000 kilometres to be for just one night, it would be AUT. I sincerely hope that I will be able to return in the future and revisit the place that gave me the experiences of a lifetime.

“Once again, thank you for this award. And a special thanks to Dr David Robie and PMC who made all of this possible.”

Back in Denmark, Niklas has also just been awarded top grades for his BA online project about climate refugees, which he completed with fellow IJI student Ida Laursen Brock.


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