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Inclusive journalism syndicate at WJEC 2016

The final conference of the Inclusive Journalism: Reporting Europe and Asia Pacific project was held in Auckland, July 14-15, at the 2016 World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC). It took a form of a two days syndicate that presented the IJI project to the WJEC participants and discussed in much depth inclusive journalism curriculum development experiences in the light of the relationship between journalism education and social and political changes in society.

“Despite a tendency to exacerbate racism, ethnic tension, and xenophobia, the media have the tremendous power to help resolve these issues”, said Milica Pesic, executive director of the Media Diversity Institute.

Pesic’s expert notes (attached here) provided an inspiring ground for discussion about equipping students with skills to competently enter the industry and contribute to public life and about developing students’ awareness and sensitivity towards diversity, be it a political, ethnic, religious, class, age or any other diversity issue.

The Auckland congress, an impressive gathering of journalism educators from across the globe (226 participants from 43 countries) aimed to address issues related to the questions of distinctiveness, subject matter, pedagogy, rigour and the place of journalism and mass communications education within the academy.


AUT journalism team’s singing waiata (Maori song) at the closing ceremony of 2016WJEC

The Inclusive journalism syndicate was attended by journalism teachers from New Zeakand, Denmark and Finland and the colleagues from USA, Australia, Pakistan, and Morocco. It generated a number of recommendations for j-schools that will be published in the upcoming WJEC Syndicates Report.


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