About us

What is the Inclusive Journalism Initiative?

Our goal is to contribute to journalism’s ability to cross cultures through the exchange of journalism students and educators between New Zealand, Denmark and Finland in 2014-2016. The four institutions involved are at the same time developing shared curricula in journalism for a more inclusive world, as well as research on reporting of inclusiveness.

Who are you?

We work and study at two New Zealand universities, Auckland University of Technology and the University of Canterbury, and two European higher education providers, the Danish School of Media and Journalism and the Swedish School of Social Science. Each institution is a leader in journalism education. We are supported by media partners who share our goals of fostering more inclusive forms of journalism.

Who funds the initiative?

The European Union and Education New Zealand are providing matching funding under the NZ-EU Education Cooperation Programme. The goal of this funding is to develop education capacity in a professional field.

Why the focus on inclusion?

Journalism plays a major role in fostering mutual understanding and tackling prejudice, yet journalists struggle to include minority voices or to connect their publics to an increasingly globalised world. We begin from the understanding that journalists want to find ways to cross cultural boundaries in their reporting and to enhance the sensitivity and reflectiveness of their practice. We also understand the challenge as one of enabling public debate in highly diverse and interdependent societies. Among the issues of concern are ethnic difference, indigenous movements, immigration, asylum seekers, multiculturalism, religious tolerance and global civil society.

Who can apply for a student mobility grant?

Students must be enrolling in their fourth year of study in Journalism (or Media and Communication at Canterbury University) at one of the institutions involved.

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